Before & After School Transportation Outsourcing Tips

How can school leaders tell when they should hire an outside company for school transportation?

There are several reasons districts consider before & after school transportation, however, more often than not the reasons will come under the following categories, aging fleet or limited resources, costs escalating faster than funding provided, overextended resources, more inter-district schools and parental choice, these are but a few we can mention.

What is the benefit with outsourcing transportation?
While school leaders do maintain a modicum of control over transportation through contracts, they are then able to redirect their energy and resources to their more important functions, which is mainly education. School transportation contractors only have one focus, and this is to provide safe school bus services in a more efficient and cost-effective way while maintaining only the highest levels of safety.

Just as schools are professionals at providing education, school transport contractors are professional at offering transportation. Below are the figures on exactly how many districts outsource their transportation? Contracted services are steadily increasing over the past few years. This is a census the School Bus Fleet did, 34.7% of school transportation services were contracted out in the years of 2012-13. There are a few private transportation services which are contracted to schools, however, these are the exception.

Another reliable source for the above information is the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, these people track the contracting of transportation, janitorial services, and food in Michigan. Their 2014 survey shows over 24% of Michigan districts now contract out their transportation services. In today’s era of doing more with less, most districts are now seeing the numerous advantages of contracting out their transportation services.

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